Vanity Fair-The Senior Network Report
June 15, 1998

Camp Isn't Just for Kids Anymore

This summer, or even in the winter, there are many types of camping adventures available to seniors....from golfing to hiking, from a class on weaving to a class on Charles Dickens, there are challenges available at all levels. Many adult camps will offer programs especially targeted for people aged 55+ and there are also a smattering of camps with programming just for seniors. Specialty camps, like those focusing on golf and tennis, offer lessons and schedules for all age groups. A little investigation on your part can provide a season of enjoyment. Here are some of the options we've turned up:

Elderhostel Organized out of Boston, Elderhostel offers programs all over the world and right at home. You can study art history in Greece, do field research in Belize or volunteer right around the corner any time of year. Call (617) 426-8056 for more information.

The Lislak Center This camp in Lake Como, Pennsylvania is organized by the New Jersey Y Camps and caters to Jewish seniors. Open from May to October, they offer programs in everything from computer training and fishing to arts and crafts. For one week in August, there's a special program for grandparents and grandchildren! And in conjunction with Elderhostel, the Kislak Center offers Jewish-focused camps in Florida throughout the year. Call (717) 798-2551

50+ Mountain Tours Ltd. For the more adventurous, how about a hiking trip in the foothills of Algerta Rockies? But you better be ready to rough it, everyone stays in tents. This program is for people with all kinds of outdoor experience and a day's activity can range from hiking to a nearby waterfall to doing a six mile loop. Call (403) 931-2208

Camp Cheerio Another YMCA program, run out of High Point, North Carolina offers five short sessions from May to October for campers over 50. Activities include canoeing, archery, riflery, and tennis as well as less vigorous card and board games. There are also day trips away from the camp to nearby places like the Stone Mountain State Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Daily Bible study is available. Call (800) CAMP-4-YOU

On the web, there are two sites which offer a directory and information about camping opportunities for adults: and Many of the camps listed at there sites will offer programs specifically for older adults. If there's particular activity you are interested in, search specialty camps at both sites and then call and find out about senior programming. A summer of fun in waiting.

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